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About Scary Fairy Godmother

Your Guide to the Fairy World

The fairies dwell in a mysterious place filled with wonder, magic, and shivery strangeness. But not to worry, I have experience with such things. I'm your Scary Fairy Godmother, a visiter from that somewhere else.

On my YouTube channel, I narrate stories of the fairy people — fantastical tales and magical encounters in our world that offer glimpses of the other. Along with evocative photographs and haunting music, I weave together an enchanting (and haunting) atmosphere that may follow after you like a glittering shadow in your everyday life. 

But a little enchantment never hurt anyone. So come away with me, fairy friend, stay close and keep to the paths I illuminate with my swaying lantern. And don't be lead astray by the lights dancing in the distance.

I'm now a published author! Visit my writing website to learn about my novel and other writing projects. 

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